“The multiple Fredsert styles and self-sealing feature provide a broad range of options for our designers, compared to other inserts on the market…”

“Fredserts are designed for the most demanding heavyduty applications, making them perfect for use in the defense, heavy-equipment, automotive, and marine industries…”


“One of the things that really sets Fredserts apart is they’re easy to remove and replace if we shear off a bolt inside them. Other inserts I’ve used need to be drilled-out if this happens…”

“Weight reduction is important to our company, so the fact that titanium Fredserts are 40% lighter and available off the shelf are real positives in my book…”


“I’ve used pretty much every type of threaded fastener out there, and the Fredsert is definitely the easiest to install; plus you can remove it if you need to…”

“Fredserts can be quickly and easily be removed and replaced using the same equipment, which provides our company with substantial cost savings.”